David Walker: An Urban Art

“Working in portraiture, UK artist David Walker’s medium is spray paint. He uses no brushes and has developed a signature multi-layered style, where marks are created, scraped off and then recreated. The results speak for themselves – visually rich canvases that fuse photo realism, abstraction and graffiti sensibilities, with a raw energy that comes from the medium.

David has exhibited all over the world including New York, Hong Kong, Bali, Lisbon, Berlin and more, as well participating in key events like Banksy’s Cans 2 festival and showing alongside Guy Denning at the highly regarded Brooklynite Gallery in New York. He is a member of the Scrawl Collective, is a regular on the urban contemporary art scene and his prolific and evolving output has seen his work become highly collectible.” (from 2R Art)

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